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1Touch™ Self Defense Project

Listen to the Director of 1Touch speak about the program and 2 sisters who are 1Touch Certified Coaches talk about their life changing experiences they have had with the program while adjusting to their vision loss!
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1Touch™ Self-Defense Project for the Blind
Practical, Effective, & Empowering

"People working together, making connections, bettering themselves and society through empowerment, self-realization and education."

1Touch Project is a
Category 1 ACVREP Provider

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The 1Touch Project is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1Touch™ explores participant’s hidden assumptions regarding their own disability -- their personal perception of their blindness and the otherwise unchallenged insecurities built upon that perception. Learning these techniques has proven highly effective in the development of: independence, self-confidence, spatial orientation, mobility and dexterity, and tactile sensitivity.

The self-defense techniques are fully accessible and designed for practicality. There is no age limit, no physical strength needed or prior martial arts background necessary. 1Touch™ works with male/female, children, seniors, veterans, professionals in blindness education, sighted, people who are visually impaired/Blind, deaf deaf/blind and people with multiple disabilities.

The process of the practice is one of perception, confidence, transformation, rehabilitation, communication, and personal development and it happens to be great fun!

1Touch™ is a self-development course that is taught through hands-on instruction as a certificated program. For the self-defense aspect of training there are no belts or ranks – participants either are a 1Touch™ Coach, Advanced Coach, or a student.

The course can be taught anywhere and requires no equipment.

1Touch™ is perhaps the only internationally recognized organization that provides specifically designed programs for those people unable or unwilling to attend general self-defense classes. The research into the requirements of the blind and disabled communities’ needs are the defining approach of 1Touch™. As such, it delivers a myriad of secondary benefits to the community, many of which are valuable to the society as a whole.

“Individuals who are blind or visually impaired are physically vulnerable in public places. This can lead to fear, and fear can often limit exposure to vocational, social and self-determinated experiences. 1Touch is a methodical and instructive way to teach individuals with visual impairments self-defense skills. Through 1Touch, they gain safety skills, confidence and independent movement in the community without fear.”

Lauren J. Lieberman Ph.D.
Co-Director of The Institute of Movement Studies for Individuals with Visual Impairments Distinguished Service Professor

1Touch Project is a registered vendor of the Federal Government.
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